The Gentex HGU-56/P helmet comes standard with both clear and neutral visors. For particularly demanding mission requirements, laser visors, high contrast and gradient visors are available from to improve visual acuity in day, night or inclement weather conditions. All Gentex visors are made of polycarbonate and meet all performance requirements of MIL-V-43511 and have an abrasion-resistant coating on the front and back surfaces in accordance with MIL-C-83409. The outer visor housing can also easily be configured for Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

The HGU-56/P can also be upgraded to include the Maxillofacial Shield (MFS), specifically designed to protect the lower face from flying debris common to the helicopter environment. An optional helmet bag for proper storage and protection is available. Oxygen mask bayonets can also be ordered for field installation, so the MBU 12/P Oxygen mask can be donned in high-altitude environments.

All HGU-56/P rotary wing helmets can be readily modified to install the Communication Ear Plug (CEP), which is now standard on all U.S. Army flight helmets and which greatly enhances communications and hearing protection.