LPU-10/P Underarm LP
It consists of two neoprene coated fabric buoyancy  cells, each stowed into a flat envelope-type container. This life preserver features a standard HB manual inflator with a cell-venting capability that eliminates the need for a breathing clip. The inflator lever locks in the up position and the valve stem is short and does not have valve cores. The removal of the valve core allows venting of the cell until the inflator is actuated. The oral tube valve pocket is also eliminated from the cell container on this assembly. The LPU-10/P has no provision for the installation of accessories or survival equipment.


Each cell is inflated by a 28 gram CO2 cylinder. In case of failure of the mechanical system, an oral inflation system for inflating the preserver is provided on each cell. This assembly incorporates the use of the FLU-1/P-FLU-1A/P inflator with venting capabilities. When packed, any air trapped in the cell will vent through the valve. Upon actuation of the mechanical inflation system, the vent is closed, allowing the cells to fill with air and maintain buoyancy. This preserver has no provisions for the installation of accessories or survival equipment.

The LPU-3/P Integrated Torso Harness LP
Life Preserver consists of two neoprene-coated fabric buoyancy cells, each stowed into a flat envelope type container. The containers are similar to the ones used on the older version LPU-2/P and LPU-10/P, but, in lieu of a harness, they are attached directly to the torso harness PCU-15/P or PCU-16/P or parachute harnesses by means of slide fasteners. The LPU-3/P is available from 50 units on with or without Torso Harness