The LPU-11/P is a neck type Life Preserver used by Helicopter aircrews and paratroopers along with or without a personnel back pack or chest pack parachute.

The LPU-11/P consists of one neoprene coated fabric flotation cells packed into a flat Nylon neck type container including a 29 Gr. CO-2 bottle. This life preserver incorporates an inflator with a cell-venting capability that eliminates the need for a breathing clip. The inflator lever locks in the up position and the valve stem is short and does not have valve cores. The removal of the valve core allows venting of the cell until the inflator is actuated. The oral tube valve pocket is also eliminated from the cell container on this assembly. The LP-11/P is designed for extreme comfort during bail out or difficult aircrew winching .

The LPU-11/P has provision for the installation of accessories or survival equipment .