Our airline life rafts, crew oxygen masks ,survival kits and in general Airline life support equipment providing survival safety solutions for FAR-135, FAR-121 and FAR-97 airline ,corporate and general aviation aircraft operators.

Each of those items are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality of service and inspection to ensure they surpass the needs and expectations of our interested parties .   Each life raft series is manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship and is FAA-TSO approved. They have great similarity to the 

military ones and can also be stowed on military transport aircraft.

When deployed and in water, the raft may be boarded on either side.  Accessories are contained in an accessories case tied to the raft. The fabric deck is equipped with an inflatable center float to provide additional flotation support.  The raft canopy, located inside accessories case, features two (2) roll-up doors and a rainwater collector in the top of the roof panel.

Each survival kit is sealed and is not to be used for any routine problems but only in emergencies. Our standard survival kits are designed to accommodate various durations (from 1 to 10 days of food and water supply, and medical and signaling equipment) and the number of persons using the kit (from 1 to approximately 50 persons). We can also customize the survival kit to accommodate even more individuals and a longer time duration if requested. 

Our survival kits are produced in the US which have great similarity

to those produced for the Air Force, Navy of military type .

We also supply a range of aircrew oxygen quick-don The Mask Assemblies will provide 100% oxygen to ensure breathing comfort, and will protect against dangerous eye and lung irritants in the event  an aviation emergency produces heavy amounts of smoke and toxic gases. Suitable for use with the steel portable cylinder assemblies in the 5600 and 9800 Series, 10100/10800 Masks offer maximum respiratory and eye protection. The mask harness provides a comfortable, universal fit, and the full face piece design ensures 180° peripheral vision. Two models are available: the 10100 Demand Mask and the 10800 Positive Pressure Demand Mask. Both have communication capabilities available.


Aeromiltec Crew Oxygen Breathing System includes two different mask suspensions and two different types of mask-mounted regulators providing breathing protection to a cabin altitude of 40,000 feet. Any of the masks can be combined with either of the regulators to best satisfy the aircraft, FAA, and TSO requirements.


The Oxygen Breathing System is compact, lightweight, rugged, and provides comfortable breathing protection to 40,000 feet. The mask is TSO-C78 approved and can be donned and functioning in less than five seconds. The Duo-Seal® face piece is made of natural rubber and is adjustable for maximum comfort. The system includes a TSO-C89 approved mask-mounted regulator that features an inhalation/exhalation diaphragm to minimize mask pressure swing. An optional microphone assembly is mounted separately for servicing convenience, and is compatible with most standard communication systems.

Our Airline oxygen masks can also be interfaced on military transport aircrafts .