Airline Quick-Don Mask

The Mask Assemblies will provide 100% oxygen to ensure breathing comfort, and will protect against dangerous eye and lung irritants in the event  an aviation emergency produces heavy amounts of smoke and toxic gases. Suitable for use with the steel portable cylinder assemblies in the 5600 and 9800 Series, 10100/10800 Masks offer maximum respiratory and eye protection.

The mask harness provides a comfortable, universal fit, and the full face piece design ensures 180° peripheral vision. Two models are available: the 10100 Demand Mask and the 10800 Positive Pressure Demand Mask. Both have communication capabilities available. We sell various types with integrated smoke and laser protection .


Aeromiltec Crew Oxygen Breathing System includes two different mask suspensions and two different types of mask-mounted regulators providing breathing protection to a cabin altitude of 40,000 feet. Any of the masks can be combined with either of the regulators to best satisfy the aircraft, FAA, and TSO requirements.