The AEROMILTEC NATO anti g suit series  are pressure garment intended for use by crews of high performance jet aircraft, to attenuate the effects of 'G' forces. By using the most up-to-date materials, radio frequency welded construction and following a rigorous quality assurance system, certified to the internationally recognized AQAP 1, which are distributed to the highest quality pressure garments available. The CSU-series provides consistently reliable performance in acceleration environments up to 15 Gs.

Quick disconnect attachment fittings can be provided for compatibility with any aircraft supply system. A Naval derivative series type is available to be worn with anti exposure protective ensembles which mainly used by the German, Spanish  and Italian Navy pilots and aircrews.Individual fitting is achieved with an adjustable lacing system at calf, abdomen and thigh areas. Zippered storage pockets are provided on each leg, below the knee.


The CSU-series suit provides coverage over the legs and abdomen,with openings at the knee area for airman mobility. A flexible,non collapsible supply hose with a US MIL or French type quick disconnect air supply attachment is permanently mounted on the left side of the suit allowing compatibility with the Immersion Suits CWU-86/P and CWU-74/P and PP & G Vest. Transparent chart pockets are standard equipment with this garment.


The NATO series Anti-G-Suit is fitted with quick disconnet valve for compatibility with any US or French made aircrafts. The standard male connector fitting conforms to Military Standard MS-22011-2 for connection to all MIL-V-87223 pressure regulating valves commonly used on the F-16,EFA, Toronado aircraft,and others.


All Aeromiltec garments are fully tested and proven to ensure reliable performance. Every CSU-series manufactured are fully tested and proven to ensure outstanding performance during all times. The CSU-series are produced is tested for pressure holding at 820 kPa (12 psig),for rate of inflation,and proven 100% leak tight. All performance testing is monitored and controlled by computer software. Tests are p-erformed at an air flow of 4.71/s (10 CFM). Qualification of the CSU-series design is proven through rigurous endurance tests of greater than 1'800 pressure cycles,of 0 to 103 kPa (15 psig) to O,at rate of 3 cycles per minute,without failure or performance loss.


The high frequency sealed pressure bladder is constructed from polyurethane coated nylon fabric which exceeds the requirements of both Mil.Spec.MIL-C-83489 and AMS 3272.The outer garment is fully constructed from durable,fire resistant Nomex aramid anti-static fabric which exceeds the requirements of MIL-C-83429. All slide fastener closures are black finished brass on fire resistant aramid  tape conforming to Federal Standard V-F-106. For women, from my experience, the size Small Regular corresponds to a Misses size 10 pants (in the United States) and can be adjusted to be smaller. The size Medium Regular at its smallest also works for a Misses size 10 pants (in the United States). The size Large Regular corresponds to a Misses size 16 pants (in the United States) but may be too long.

 French Type Anti G Suit Connectors