• 9 G's High Altitude Low Profile Oxygen Mask

  • Developed to meet and exceed the demands of current & future aircraft platforms 
  • Meets the performance requirements of the following aircraft: Eurofighter Typhoon, Gripen, Rafalle ,F15, F16, F18, F22 and F35 (JSF) as well as all major transport aircraft & helicopter platforms and can also be employed on HGU-55/P, HGU-5

  • Dynamic face seal automatically adjusts under high Gz
  • Seals comfortably on the pilot's face at forces in excess of 9Gz (onset of 6G/s-1 & PBA at 72mm/Hg)

  • Proven to assist in overcoming the effect of GLOC
  • Low breathing resistance reduces physiological burden
  • Fully flight qualified - certification for wind blast (600 knots) & rapid decompression (+60,000ft)

  • Multi-helmet compatible 
  • Integrates with HMDs including JHMCS, Top Owl & systems used on F35, Typhoon & Gripen
  • Single handed donning & doffing in flight
  • Smaller mask cavity results in reduced CO2 build up
  • Lowest mass 9Gz oxygen mask in the world

The above mask is the perfect emergency breathing apparatus for a whole range of applications. Connecting to an emergency breathing air system or portable air supply, the FAST-resQ provides the wearer with a clean supply of breathing air in the event of air supply failure or release of toxic gases.

Utilising CMLK quick donning mask respirator mask, the mask can be donned in under 5 seconds. The mask’s harness automatically tensions as soon as a face seal is achieved, for maximum speed and simplicity for the user. Unlike other emergency breathing apparatus, the mask does not activate on ‘first breath’ making the respirator perfect for use on unconscious casualtie

  • Failure of air supply or release of toxic gases requires a rapid response
  • The CMLK Mask is the breathing apparatus you need in an emergency
  • Connect to emergency breathing air system or portable air supply
  • Utilises CMLK quick donning don in under 5 seconds!
  • Only when a face seal is achieved, does the harness automatically tension
  • Minimal moving parts means maximum reliability
  • Automatic mask fit also makes it ideal for unconscious casualties