Custom Fitted Equipment
The AEROMILTEC US types CSU-13B/P amd 15 A/P series are US military type pressure garments which we have the capability to deliver themn with French Air Force type air hose connectors for Mirage 2000 aircraft.

Quick disconnect attachment fittings can be provided for compatibility with any aircraft supply system. A Naval derivative series type is available to be worn with anti exposure protective ensembles which mainly used by the Hellenic, Ecuador,Venezuella, Taiwan and UAE Air Forces pilots. Individual fitting is achieved with an adjustable lacing system at calf, abdomen and thigh areas. Zippered storage pockets are provided on each leg, below the knee.

MATERIALS The high frequency sealed pressure bladder is constructed from polyurethane coated nylon fabric which exceeds the requirements of both Mil.Spec.MIL-C-83489 and AMS 3272.The outer garment is fully constructed from durable,fire resistant Nomex aramid anti-static fabric which exceeds the requirements of MIL-C-83429. All slide fastener closures are black finished brass on fire resistant aramid  tape conforming to Federal Standard V-F-106. For women, from my experience, the size Small Regular corresponds to a Misses size 10 pants (in the United States) and can be adjusted to be smaller. The size Medium Regular at its smallest also works for a Misses size 10 pants (in the United States). The size Large Regular corresponds to a Misses size 16 pants (in the United States) but may be too long.
French Dassault Aircraft Life Support Equipment
HGU-55/P  designed to fit Ulmer Oxygen Mask France 

Aeromiltec HGU-55/P comes with fiberglass or Kevlar shell in standard grey color with one tinted bungee visor . a neutral visor is at extra charge . Is equipped with NATO commset and oxygen mask retention receivers,chin and nape strap and Zeta comfort liner. The helmet is supplied in sizes Regular, Large and XL.

We supply these helmets with MBU-12/P Masks , various type of visors , accessories , NVG systemsand oxygen systems.


Communications are built to each customer’s requirement, but include standard plastic earcups for maximum noise attenuation in high noise environments. We also offer an optional leather covered earpad or the Oregon Aero hush kit for greater comfort.


In addition to the standard clear/neutral gray visors designed to match Ulmer France O2 Masks contours .  Following visor types are available :  Gradient, High contrast, Amber  Oxygen Mask Receivers designed for Ulmer France Oxygenm Maks .

Lightweight oxygen mask bayonet receivers are available in either metallic (bead blasted), or black finish.

MIL-C-83141A  &  CWU-45/P 
Flyers Coverall MIL-C-83141A  Nomex Aramid in various foreign patterns

CWU-27/P MIL-C-83141A,  CWU-28/P & CWU-73/P coverall flyers are worn by the US Armed Forces and NASA. We have the capability to design these suits to meet other foreign military patterns such French and German Air Force type.

The zippers are manufactured from heavy duty brass teeth and the thread is made from KEVLAR®.  The CWU-27/P comes in sage green ,blue, tan,black , red and indian orange. We have the capability to deliver the older patterns and colors such as the CWU-28/P indian orange. We also distribute Bundeswehr, French AF and Aeronautica Flyers Coveralls & Flyers Jackets .

The Aircrew Integrated Survival Vest is designed for pilot
operations over land and water. It provides safety easy rescue
and improved flexibitly for the wearer during its task performance.

The vest is designed to carry also PRC-112  or PRC-90-2 or SARBE-7 PLB's ,Survival Equipment , Flaresand Strobe Light .

The vest is available on universal size ,can be adjusted
through straps is designed with equipment pocketry and
it can be wornalong with CWU-72/P Anti Exposure Suit.

The vest has a built in harness system for insertion/extraction 
purposes and a tether point for safety and rescue missions and
 it can be attached to a floatation collar LPU-37/P or LPU-9/P.