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Helmet CEP Kit

Since 1983 Aeromiltec Ltd  has been one of the largest and most trusted supplier of high quality US aircrew gear supplies

The accessories are in conjunction of our main products such as Jet HelmetsFlight Helmets, Oxygen Masks , Life Preservers, Anti G Suits , Survival Vests, Survival Kits, Helmet Parts, NVG ,Parachutes and Flight Clothing .

We supply standard USAF H-154 AIC Headsets, David Clarck H-10 Headsets as well ANR type Headsets for aircrew

ANR HEADSET MIL  UH-60 Blackhawk

UH-60 Blackhawk Noise Cancelling Headset 

Microphone: Dynamic M-87

Receivers: 2 x Dynamic H-143/ AIC

Termination: NATO U174/U  plug 

Cable :  Coiled or Straight 24 inch 

The UH-60 Helicopter headset line. It is designed for high stress applications, can handle the toughest environments and compatible with all current communication systems. The Falcon is a rugged, double-sided headset that is ideal for high noise applications requiring comfort as well as excellent attenuation. Among its many features is an adjustable headband that maintains acoustical seal and gently conforms to the wearer’s head without undue pressure. 

Exceptionally clear voice signals are reproduced by magnetic or dynamic earphones, while comfort is added by foam or gel cups. Use with most existing radios is made possible via plug-in design and choice of earphones, switches, volume control, cords(straight or coiled) terminations and preamps.

P/N   95-216-005-603    (luster black)

 P/N 495-216-005-604  (lusterless black)

P/N 495-216-005-694  (lusterless gray)