HGU-33/P  & 34 /P

The Aeromiltec USN single or dual visor HGU-34/P is a lightweight helmet designed for the high-g astronaut training environment on T-38.

Its shell is trimmed wider and higher at the eyes for improved vision and higher on the sides and back for easier head movement. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses screen out harmful ultra-violet rays.

 A size large HGU-33/P with custom-fit liner, earphones, communications cord, and oxygen mask receivers weighs only 988
grams . Helmets include a fitted leather edge roll, comfortable leather ear pads, and leather chin and nape strap pads, zeta liner and oxygen mask retention receivers for either MBU-20/P or MBU-12/P oxygen masks. It comes in sizes Regular, Large or XL

USN HGU-33/P, 34/P,HGU-84/P & HGU-47 V/P Helmets

The Aeromiltec HGU-34/P is identical to the standard issue HGU-55/P, except that a protective visor assembly replaces the bungee visor.  Its protective visor housing allows easy movement of the impact-resistant polycarbonate lens and locks the lens securely up or down.  A size large HGU-33/P with zeta comfort liner. Earphones, communications cord, and oxygen mask receivers weigh only 37-ounces (1.084 grams).  Helmets include a leather edge roll, comfortable earpads, and leather chin and nape strap pads.It can be entirely delivered with Oregon Aero hush kit or the simple low cost version with TPL liner and standard chnin and nape strap .Is available with either oxygen mask retention receivers or boom microphone for helo use and standard color is white or USAF grey. Additional colors and customs fitted designs at extra charge.