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  HGU-55/P  MIL-87174A

Aeromiltec HGU-55/P air superiority flight helmet is designed in Kevlar or Fibreglass shell in standard air superiority grey or USN white with a tinted while a clear bungee visor is extra. Is equipped with standard NATO communication kit and oxygen mask retention receivers Gentex type chine and nape strap and a high quality memory comfort liner optional soft ear pads. The helmet is designed to meet and exceed MIL-87174A and MIL-H-87174 standards in addition to AQUAP-1 and AQUAP-2 NATO quality control standards

Design Features 

Low-profile design / Light weight & comfortable / customizable visors  
Gentex combat edge field modification bladder kit (HGU-55CE)TLSS
Advance head protection and G stability & comfort  / Memory inner liner 
Gentex type chin & nape retention system, leather edgeroll
Clear concise communication system / Special Ops ANR kit extra 

     Helmet Sizes 

    Small   Regular   Large   XL

  Visor Types Available

Visors such as Clear, Neural Grey , Gradient , Amber, Blue, High Contrast , Anti Laser  are available


A soft edgeroll covers an open cell foam core around the entire periphery of the shell for comfortable fit,thus reduces the amount of noise which enters the helmet in flight . Visor buffers and bump stops are cemented to the helmet's shell to provide for stowing of the visors and to protect the shell surface during visor operations . 


Are build to each customer's requirement but include standard plastic earcups for maximum noise attenuation in high noise einvironments. Optional Oregon Aero soft earpads . Special Ops version with Mic boom , NVG platform, viewer mount  and battery pack optional .

Mininimum Quantity Order : 10 helmets 

HGU-55/P  MBU-23/P  & NVG Platforms 
HGU-55 JHMCS NVG Banana 
HGU-55 CE MBU-23/P  Mask
Special Ops HGU-55/P 
HGU-55/P MBU-23/P & Anti Laser Visors
Modified HGU-55/P Kevlar Shell Anti Scratch Pads 
Special OPS HGU-55/P NVG Platform , ANR Headset , Battery Pack 
Special Ops HGU-55/P HALO
Women sizes and various colours