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HGU-55/P  D/V 
HGU-55 D/V (Less EEK-4)

Designed as a versatile platform, the Aeromiltec HGU-55 D/V (Dual Visor Housing) helmet is available in two configurations to suit a full range of transport or bomber aircraft mission needs . The light weight standard version is designed of a Kevlar shell with a PRU-38/P Dual Visor Housing platform with an optional mount for EEK-4 goggles which interfaces the special the dual visor housing designed for B-52 and B-1B aircrafts which primarily evolved from the basic HGU-55/P helmet series .The weight of the Kevlar version of this helmet is 1350 grams and 1520 grams in Fibreglass shell eventually heavier if the EEK-4 goggles mounting may be required required provided such requirement is approved by US Government .

The helmet comes designed with USAF light weight oxygen mask bayonet receivers memory comfort liner of the Oregon Aero hush kit liner with soft earpads. The helmet comes standard with a tined clear and transparent visor with an option for anti laser visor housing .

Minimum Quantity Order : 30 units 

HGU-55/P  D/V Housing EEK-4 Platform
Helmet & Oxygen Mask Tester