Oxygen Mask Water Release Device (PADD)

Critical life saving device designed to increase survivability of a downed aircrew member over water by releasing the mask bayonet. In addition an anti suffocation device can be installed on the oxygen mask air hose connector .

Aeromiltec Oxygen Mask Water ActivatedMaskRelease Device releases an aircrew member's oxygen mask bayonet to allow for respiration in the event of a sea water landing. The unit provides the same critical life saving advantages as Cartridge Actuated Cutter (CAC).  The device actuates once the aircrew member has resurfaced from a water landing.

Is mainly designed for HGU-55/P, HGU-55CE, HGU-55G aircrew helmets of US Armed Forces and NATO.

                                      PADD Feautures :

  • Installed in the same location and manner as the standard bayonet receiver assembly
  • Could be installed on either side of the helmet HGU-55/P, HGU-5
  • Device arms itself after submerging and then actuates after clearing the water
  • Allows the pilot to breathe naturally while floating
  • PADD body will separate after actuation, leaving the plastic spacer and jaws on the helmet  HGU-55/P, HGU-5
  • Will not be activated when subjected to rain or while underwater
  • Anti Suffocation Device can be optionally installed on air hose connector


                                   Cartridge Actuated Cutter

Critical life saving device designed to increase survivability of a downed aircrew over water by opening a breathing path in the oxygen mask hose MBU-12/P, MBU-20/P HALP and

MBU-23/P Masks series which are used on HGU-55/P, HGU-5

Cartridge Actuated Cutter (CAC) punctures a hole into an aircrew member's oxygen hose, providing an open air passage to an unconscious or incapacitated crew member.  The CAC provides the same critical life saving benefits as water Activated MaskRelease (WAMR). 

These critical life saving devices actuate once the aircrew member has resurfaced from a

water landing and floating on his life preserver .

                    Cartridge Actuated Cutter include:

  •            Device circuitry is completely inactive prior to immersion
  •      Preventing water inhalation, the device arms itself after submerging
  •      and actuates, puncturing the oxygen hose, after clearing the water

  •           Can be used on NBC aircrew defence hood and mask systems
  •         Unique and simple design allows in-line installation by end user
  •            Indicator flag to show that the unit has been activated

                     Oxygen Mask Bayonet Mask Release Device


We offer three types of oxygen mask receivers; light weight, white, and chrome.


Light Weight oxygen mask receivers are used by the military fighter pilots to help reduce the weight of their helmet. These receivers are individually fitted on the helmet for the user as once they are installed they are not adjustable. They are sold in a pair.


White oxygen mask receivers consist of a light weight receiver enclosed in a metal housing. The receiver can be rotated up to 15 degrees for fitting the oxygen mask to your face. The housing can be painted to match your helmet. They are sold individually


Chrome oxygen mask receivers tend to scratch less. These receivers are white oxygen mask receivers that have been chromed. They are sold individually.

Above and beneath Passive Anti Suffocation Device  (CAC )