Positive Breathing Garments & Physio Sensors Combat Edge F-35 and F-22 Aircrafts

              Emergency Oxygen System

  Emergency Oxygen Bottles provide an on-board oxygen supply independent of
  primary aircraft oxygen sources. It provides an emergency source of oxygen
  for a variety of critical situations and is available for new or retrofit installation.

                                                   Key features include:

  • Emergency source of oxygen In-flight emergencies
  • Compatible with Liquid Oxygen (LOX), On-board Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) and Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generating System (MSOGS)
  • Auto actuation for emergency ejection bailout and descent, and lack of high concentration oxygen
  • Seat-, survival kit- or backpack-mounted
  • Compatible with all breathing regulators, and combat and NBC ensembles
  • Gunfire-qualified per MIL-C-29576A
  • Lightweight and affordable with a low lifecycle cost
  • Available with 22, 33, 50 or 100 cu. in. cylinders
MD-1 Bailout Oxygen Bottle  mainly used on ejection seats and parachutes
Respirators USAF / Army Aircrews