Aeromiltec supplies high speed bungee visors manufactured
for use with  HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System, the High-Speed
Bungee Visor Assembly includes friction strips along the upper trim of the helmet to provide ejection safety up to 600 KEAS.

The High-Speed Bungee Visor Assembly is fully approved for
customers for high-speed ejection use
 various types of ejection seats. We supply in a variety of colors
 and on specific requirements also Laser Protective.

  We supply the visors only only a given quantity requirement .

  We can supply either EDO, Gentex or of other manufacturers.

Aviation Helmet Upgrades, pilots of fixed wing fighters reported reducing their audio output setting from 90-95% to a new average setting of 35-45%, with significantly improved comprehension . We supply complete communication kits, earphone and
microphone elements , microphone booms assemblies , ANR systems, Hush Kits ,NVG
clip and sensors , Zeta and Comfort liners.  We also supply military headsets, upgrades
for those headsets and helmet and mask tester LSHT-1

Kit includes SoftTop, Headset Cushion, SoftSeal® Ear Cushions, Soft Skin Ear Seal Covers, HushKi, Passive Ear Cup Noise Attenuation, and MicMuff, Microphone Cover. The SoftTop with this kit can be ordered with or without optional attached D-Ring for hanging your headset while not in use.

HGU-55/P Visors in various colors
SPH-4B Visors in various colors and D/V Housing Assy.

Basic Eye protection is provided with Aeromiltec clear and tinted lenses forSPH-4B . Using specially developed dyes and colors, we also offers  amber and neutral gray lenses to enhance visual acuity in more demanding flight or terrain conditions. We also provide a complete Dual Visor Housing for ourSPH-4B helmets .

In addition to the protection offered by our clear lenses, our amber lenses are engineered with yellow hue to offer basic contrast to the field of view in hazy or foggy conditions, and our neutral gray lenses were developed to provide sun glare protection.

We do not supply Laser Protection visors for theSPH-4B Helmets , we supply on
a given quantity requitrement.  We can supply either EDO, Gentex or of other

Laser  Protective
Military Type Headsets H-143 AIC with ANR
Memory & Comfort Liners
CEP, Communication Assemblies , Communication Kits, Helmet ANR