HGU-55/P Mirage 2000 

              HGU-55/P  & ULMER O2 Mask / PADD Mirage 2000

Aeromiltec HGU-55/P designed to interface Ulmer Oxygen Mask is made of Kevlar shell in standard grey color with one tinted bungee visors with Ulmer Mask cut. A neutral visor Yellow , Gradient or Neodynium at extra charge . Is equipped with NATO commset and oxygen mask retention receivers to interface Ulmer Mask ,chin and nape strap and Zeta comfort liner. The helmet is supplied in sizes Regular, Large and XL.The HGU-55/P series will meet the performance requirements of MIL-H-87174 “Helmet, Flyers, HGU-55/P”.

We supply these helmets with MBU-12/P Masks , various type of visors , accessories , NVG systemsand oxygen systems.

Edge Roll

A soft leather edge roll covers an open cell foam core around the entire periphery of the shell for a comfortable fit, and reduces the amount of noise that enters the helmet. Visor buffers and bump stops are cemented to the shell to provide for stowing of the visor and to protect the shell surface during visor operation.


Communications are built to each customer’s requirement, but include standard plastic earcups for maximum noise attenuation in high noise environments. We also offer an optional leather covered earpad or the Oregon Aero hush kit for greater comfort.


In addition to the standard clear/neutral gray visors, the HGU-55/P series has several upgrade visor options.  Gradient, High contrast, Amber supplied with Ulmer Oxygen Mask cut .

Custom Painted HGU-55/P Mirage 2000