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CWU-62 B/P  &  CWU-86/P  (USN) NATO 

The CWU-86/P is an anti-exposure coverall with reinforced ruggedized patches to withstand the use of U.S. Navy aircrew men on flight over water. 

Flyers coveralls are proved to protect wearer from exposure against hypothermia and exposure to cold water, wind spray, and rain in the event of a water landing. 

The Dry Suit CWU-86/P is worn in conjunction with the Naval Anti G Suit CSU-15 A/P .

  • Ruggedized, waterproof coveralls complete with overvest, pockets, lates neckseal 
  • and neoprene wrist seals
  • Manufactured with fire-resistanct, laminated, sage green Nomex Base cloth
  • Designed to be word with or without coverall undergarment
  • Intended to be used in conjunction with waterproof socks (not included)
  • Available in 12 sizes (Small-Short to XL-Long)
 CWU-62B/P  62 C/P  & 86/P  USN         

                   NSN  8475-01-388-(0920 TO 0976*)  Men                         
NSN 8475-01-483-(8563 TO 8577*)    Women
CWU-86/P  USAF  
NATO  Dry Suit  

Aircrew Immersion Suit (USAF / USN /NATO)

Designed for over water jet and helicopter operations or any other tactical operations  where the environment dictates the need for increased hypothermia protection.

Aeromiltec continuing efforts to provide you with the best comfort and highest protection from the hazards of flight have resulted in a two layer integrated garment that reduces heat stress, and protects against flame, immersion, and hypothermia. 

The CWU-86/P and CWU-62/P are a two layer Aircrew Dry Suit that combines the performance of the 3 layer into two layers allowing for greater mobility with lower thermal burden.

The Tactical Immersion Suit a two layer modular design which allows quick donning and doffing through an innovative entry system, and provides a wide array of sizes.

The patented Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal, and redesigned trim-to-fit neoprene wrist seals improve the comfort of flight crews during extended missions. The proven durability results in extended service life when compared to that of traditional latex neck and wrist seals.

The outer shell uses a blended Goretex® / Nomex® fabric that is waterproof, breathable, flame retardant and anti-static. High wear areas are strategically reinforced to enhance the suit's durability and prevent abrasion damage that could compromise the suit's integrity. The breathable thermal liner provides both insulation and emergency flotation and features aerated closed-cell foam quilted with a wicking fabric that pulls excess moisture away from the body.

The unique trim to fit neoprene wrist design seals better and requires no secondary closure after donning providing water tight integrity. Improved means of interconnection between modules results in easier assembly of components and less "down time" when performing maintenance. The improved rear entry is ergonomically designed to allow donning and doffing of the Immersion Suit by one person. Pockets are designed to be accessible even when the Immersion Suits are worn with additional flight or survival equipment.

An adjustable neck seal using CCS can be worn lose to provide comfort out of the water and can quickly be drawn tight to keep the water out.  The Immersion Suits comes ready to wear with included universally sized dry socks, trim to fit wrist seals and CCS™ adjustable neck seal and can be worn under anti-g-suits and in conjuction with the jet or helicopter  helmets along with oxygen masks.

CWU-86/P Immersion Suit USN