HELICOPTER  EMERGENCY WRIST LP

Aircrew emergency wrist Life Preserver

Type: Rescue Wrist LP

Application: Emergency Helicopter Egress

Applicable people: Male & Females aircrews

Number of cylinders: 1 to 4

Material: TPU

Gross weight: 465 grams

Product weight: 120 grams (without CO2 bottles )

Loading airbag capacity : 100 - 150 kg

Material: PC, PVC Silicone

Strap length: 27.5 * cm

Dial size: 9x5.6 * 3.5 cm

CO-2 Bottle : 10 gr , 8.2 cm

Airbag color: aviation orange

Outer container also available in Fire Resistant Aramid fabric


The airbag is made of TPU composite material and is extremely durable and durable.

A soft silicone wristband that is comfortable and safe to wear during entire flight

The buckle is made of a metal coating and will not rust.

Adjustable shoulder straps for different wrist sizes, also for female crews.

Ideal for last minute emergency .Operation is simple, the airbag can be inflated

within a few seconds

Package Included:

1 bracelet

Quanity Price ( min 30 units )  :  US $ 80
10g co2 cylinder.

Fits aircrew emergency wrist Life Preserver

Our lifejacket cylinders are the very best available, they are
zinc coated to reduce rust , light weight . Thecylinders is
also within a whide range of CO-2 cylinders we supply for
Aviation LP purposes

Approx length 8.2cm.

Made in Germany.