USAF   LPU-37/P Low Profile LP
 LPU-37/P Collar  w/MA-2 Harness USN
Low Profile Aircrew Life Preserver

Aeromiltec LPU-37/P is a twin chamber life preserver designed to interface with standard military Torso Harnesses as well with SV-2B, CMU-33/P and SRU-21/P Survival Vests.

We currently supply this item ex stocks on continous basis produced by Simula
which changed ownership.

The life preserver is available with either an automatic or manual inflation system, which can be matched to the users specific operational requirements. The yoke style life preserver incorporates a dual chambered inflatable cell. There is no interference with head mobility or parachute deployment around the back of the neck of the crewman. It was initially developed
by Simula Corp and by now continued by Cobham .

The LPU-37/P is universally sized, adjustable for 5th to 95th percentile body size spectrum.Life Preserver consists of two neoprene-coated fabric buoyancy cells, each stowed into a flat envelope type container.

The Life Preserver can be supplied with or without survival euipment and can not be shipped other than through HAZMAT ( Dangerous Goods )

The Aeromiltec supplies the LPU-37/P only in Tan with twin manual inflators and twin 28 gr CO-2 bottles.


Two oral tubes for secondary inflation.
  • FR Cover
  • Two bladder colors are available.
  • Replacement cells, covers and zipper fasteners are available.


Buoyancy: 65 pounds
Inflation System:
Two manual inflators
(separately sold )
Cell Colors:     Blue or Orange
Cover Color:   Tan