LPU-9/P   Collar Life Preserver USAF 
Aircrew Life Preserver

Aeromiltec LPU-9/P is a twin chamber life preserver designed to interface with standard military Torso Harnesses and  back style parachutes suchBA-22, BA-25 and BA-27. The LPU-9/P provides the pilot with complete flotation protection and incorporates twin auto inflators of the type FLU-9B/P or FLU-8B/P.

The life preserver is available with either an automatic or manual inflation system, which can be matched to the users specific operational requirements. The yoke style life preserver incorporates a dual chambered inflatable cell. There is no interference with head mobility or parachute deployment around the back of the neck of the crewman.

The LPU-9/P is universally sized, adjustable for 5th to 95th percentile body size spectrum.Life Preserver consists of two neoprene-coated fabric buoyancy cells, each stowed into a flat envelope type container.

The Life Preserver can be supplied with or without survival euipment and can not be shipped other than through HAZMAT ( Dangerous Goods )

The Aeromiltec LPU-9/P be supplied in Sage Green, Tan or Camo colors and its size is universal. It comes standard with two auto inflators .

Auto inflators are charged separately .


Two oral tubes for secondary inflation.

  • FR Cover
  • Two bladder colors are available.
  • Replacement cells, covers and zipper fasteners are available.


Buoyancy: 65 pounds

Inflation System:

Two FLU-9B/P  auto inflators

(separately sold )

Cell Colors:     Blue or Orange

Cover Color:   Sage Green

   Replacement Part Numbers:

Life Preserver, Yoke w/ Auto Inflators
(cell, cover, and two FLU-9 inflators)


NSN:  4220-01-051-5916

P/N:   9094354-50


Cell, Flotation (Blue)

NSN:   4220-01-316-7191

P/N:    9094353-50

Cell, Flotation (Orange)

NSN: 4220-01-518-8929

P/N:  9094353-70


NSN: 4220-01-527-2335


Zipper Fastener Assembly

NSN:  4220-01-498-0768

P/N:   200223528-10