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  LPU-17/P  LPSV 

The Aeromiltec integrated aircrew Life Preserver Survival Vest is a primary survival equipment component for military pilots and aircrews therefore every precaution should be taken to assure proper operational use and stowage , maintainance and handling . The LPU-17/P is primarily designed for military helicopter pilots and aircrews and is compatible with aircraft seat restraint systems and rescue harnesses. This LPSV offers the pilot and aircrew during ditching at sea sufficient buoyancy and head sustaining,while full mouth and nose over water surface buoyancy. TheLPU-17/P unique cell design has been engineered  to exhibit excellent self-righting and floatation properties.


The sage green fire resistantNomex III, Aramid container of the LPU-17/P life preserver survival vest has been constructed with pockets for personal weapon , pocket for reserve rounds, the protective container of the inflation cell is attached directly to the survival vest by means of a heavy duty non corrosive zippers allowing rapid detaching and use of the vest over land ditching . The Survival vest incorporates adjustable waist belts made of sage green heavy duty  Nylon webbing to provide both preliminary wearer adjustment upon donning the LPSV and a final adjustment just before or after 
water entry, provided no automatic inflation will be required 

The inflation cell contains a aviation dye marker and is designed at 275 Newton or 78 Lbs single chambered cell. The inflation cell is equipped with manual inflation and an oral inflation tube. Auto inflation is optional. The LPSV is available on four sizes . The survival vest can be adjusted at the chest and waist, using adjustment straps to fit different wearers as well different equipment set up. The body sizes are used only as a guideline to determine the right size however the correct size and fit must be ensured by the use of fitting samples.

LPU-17/P  with twin FLU-12/P Auto Inflators & PLB flex antenna