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Oxygen Mask Cutter (PADD)

Critical life saving device designed to increase survivability of the downed aircrew over water by cutting the oxygen mask air hose connector of the mask . The anti suffocation is composed of an explosive cartridge actuated cutter (CAC) which cutting the air hose free of the mask in emergency to allow the incapacitated aircrew breathing during landing in water once he or she have resurfaced from a water landing .

The PADD is typically installed on MBU-20/P Oxygen Masks which interfaces the HGU-55CE Combat Edge USAF aircrew helmet 

Cartridge Actuated Cutter (PADD)

Aeromiltec PADD is a critical life saving device designed to increase survivability of a downed aircrew over water by opening a breathing path in the oxygen mask hose of MBU-20/P HALP and MBU-23/P oxygen masks in conjunction with the HGU-55CE Combat Edge flight helmet The cartridge actuated cutter (CAC) punctures a hole into the pilots oxygen mask air hose providing an open air passage to an unconscious or incapacitated  aircrew .

The CAC provides the same critical life saving benefits as the NATO water activated Mask Release (WAMR)used on NATO HGU-55/P. HGU-55G and Alpha flight helmets  and oxygen masks ,


NATO Mask Release Device


We offer three types of oxygen mask receivers; light weight, white, and chrome.


Light Weight oxygen mask receivers are used by the military fighter pilots to help reduce the weight of their helmet. These receivers are individually fitted on the helmet for the user as once they are installed they are not adjustable. They are sold in a pair.


White oxygen mask receivers consist of a light weight receiver enclosed in a metal housing. The receiver can be rotated up to 15 degrees for fitting the oxygen mask to your face. The housing can be painted to match your helmet. They are sold individually


Chrome oxygen mask receivers tend to scratch less. These receivers are white oxygen mask receivers that have been chromed. They are sold individually.

HEED-III  Aircrew Breathing Device