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Oxygen Masks 
MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask 

Used with the pressure demand system of the aircraft the Aeromiltec distributed MBU-12/P oxygen mask boasts a low profile design providing excellent stability during the high G's maneuvers and anti-roill webs to prevent downward rolls .The mask is compatible with HGU-55/P, HGU-55E, HGU-55 D/V ,HGU-34/P. HGU-26/P, HGU-55CE and HGU-55G helmet series .

The advanced design of the combination offers superior comfort and efficiency during downward vision . The design of the combinations breathing valve provides greatly reduced exhalation resistance during pressure breathing and a rolling diaphragm reduces the potential for mask sticking caused by residue accumulation.

This unique combination valve meets and exceeds all performance requirements of MIL-V-27296 as well updated  USAF and NAVAIR requirements .

- Low profile design provides perfect stability during high G's 
- Silicone rubber facesealas well comfortable design
- Meets USAF MIL-M-87163 requirements 

The MBU-12/P is configurable with M-101 and M-169 Microphones with Aeromiltec pre Amp's as well with other mask mounted amplifiers and features a silicone rubber faceseal integrally bonded to a high strength gray polysulfone plastic hardshell .

The mask meets or exceeds of USAF requirements MIL-M-87163 and is typically donned with Aeromiltec jet and helicopter helmets as well laser visors with complementary mask trim . The MBU-12/P comes in four mask sizes .

         MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask 



The MBU-20/P HALP oxygen mask is a combat edge high altitude low profile mask currently in use with US Armed Forces and NATO flight crews flying tactical aircraft , the mask comes in four military sizes .

The MBU-20/P HALP assembly consists of a face piece with special offset bayonet clips ,M-169/AIC delta block and microphone assembly, 3 pin connector at the end of the hose, and a small hose that connects the mask to the combat edge bladder of the flight helmet HGU-55CE . Aeromiltec offers these masks in several configuration, including the standard configuration shown above which is configured without the combat edge hose and with a friction 2-pin hose connector.

The CX-4707 communication cord shown above is one of the communication cords to be selected from the communication cords options available. The MBU-20/P HALP is also available with PADDanti suffocation mask cutter shown beneath or with NATO automatic water release device 
    MBU-20/P  HALP 
Helmet / Oxgen Mask Tester 
MBU-12/P MBU-20/P  MBU-23/P
CRU-94/P Man Mounted Oxygen Mask Connector
CRU-60/P Oxygen Regulator
MBU-20/P  23/P & Joint Series Oxygen Masks
 AVOX Quick Don Mask
Aircrew Quick Donning Masks

The oxygen and smoke mask supply adequate oxygen to keep the user physiologically safe up to 25,000 feet. Quick-don mask. These masks must demonstrate the ability to be donned with one hand in 5 seconds or less, while accommodating prescription glasses. Quick-don masks are typically suspended on above cockpit panel for emergency breathing or for regulations concerning one crew member on cockpit above FL 390 (39'000 feet ) q
uick-don mask.

The  mask must demonstrate the ability to be donned with one hand in 5 seconds or less, while accommodating prescription glasses. Quick-don masks are typically suspended or stored to permit quick and unimpeded access by cockpit crew. These masks are typically rated to altitudes up to 40,000 feet.

Full Face Oxygen & Smoke Mask Tester