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Parachutes  & Torso Harnesses
Integrated PCU-15/P  &  LPU-9/P  LP

Aeromiltec supplies various type of personnel

parachutes such as BA-22 ,BA-25, Personnel

Parachutes T-10 and Reserves as well

deceleration parachutes for A-4,

F-16 and Mirage V.


Back Style Parachute Application

For bailout, the crewmember may elect to

attach the survival kit The bailout above

14,000 feet, the parachute release is armed

and the emergency oxygen is activated.

The parachute will automatically deploy at

14,000 (+ / -500) feet.


In either case, for landing, the crewman

will steer the parachute so that he is facing

into the wind, if possible,to reduce the potential

for injury. After landing, one or both of the

parachute release fittings may be activated

to prevent dragging.

PCU-15/P  &  PCU-16/P Torso Harnesses  USAF 

PCU-15 & 16/P  Torso Harnesses

NSN: 1670-00-369-5444 

The PCU-16/P & 15/P Torso Harnesses are single-unit assemblies designed for wear by aircrew members when emergency egresses during bailout phase in which the parachute is installed in the ejection seat. The aircrew wearing the torso harness is attached to the parachute by mating the canopy release body assemblies to the parachute adapter assemblies on the parachute risers. Personel Parachute Ejection Seat Adjustable Torso Harnesses are complete with all Koch fittings.


The harness consists of a lightweight, flexible, nylon framework mounted on a nylon vest and utilizing a sectional main sling. There are three quick adjustment points (ejector snaps and V-rings) and 2 canopy releases .Optional accessories which including a PLB PRC-112, Emergency survival light MS-2000M ,SRU-16/P kit and Personnel Lowering devices may be installed on the torso harness.  The torso harness may be also integrated to a

floatationcollar  an LPSV or under armLP.

PCU-15/P Torso Harness, Air Force P/N 68J369, includes hardware as follows:

  • 2 each, Canopy Releases, P/N 015-11038-1
  • 3 each, Ejector Snaps, P/N 68D37721
  • 3 each, "V" Rings, P/N 62B4312 (MS27765)

PCU-16/P  Torso Harness
BA-22  BA-25 Parachutes 
Parachute Ripcords Release - UWARS

The Universal Water Activated Release 

System (UWARS) is a battery operated, 

sea-water activated electro-explosive 

device that automatically separates the

parachute canopy from the aircrew 

member upon  immersion in seawater.

UWARS does not interfere with manual 

operations of release fittings.


It is completely symmetrical and 

interchangeable between the right 

and left risers. UWARS is a 

compact and self-contained 

canopy release system which fits 

all current versions of aircrew 

harness releases and installs

in-line with no special tools.

Applications Water activated harness release.  Physical Specifications Government Nomenclature: Parachute Release, Explosive Actuated
   UWARS Unit Part Numbers
NSN  Koch 1814-017-01
1814-017-03 NA
Battery Kit
Weight: 2.23 oz (65 g)
Width: 2.30 in (5.84 cm)
Height: 0.74 in (1.88 cm)
Length: 2.40 in (6.10 cm)
Deceleration Parachute F-4 Series