Aeromiltec Survival Kits are designed and available for many ejection seats , including for use with the Martin Baker NACES and ACES II  ejection seats .

Our survival kits are supplied for a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts .

                                                       Key features include:

  • Compact package that includes space for storage of a wide range of survival gear Made of strong, military-grade materials for long storage and operational life Emergency oxygen system with manual and automatic actuation.

The ACES II Ejection Seat Survival Kit Container Assembly consists of the following accessores US or NATO type :

  • Seat Pan & Cushion
  • Outer Case
  • Adjusters, 2 each
  • Manifold Assembly
  • Adjustment Strap Assemblies, 2 each
  • Nylon Ripcord Assembly
  • Water Resistant Inner Pack Assembly
  • Dropline Assembly
  • Bag and Keeper Assembly
  • Locking Cord Assembly

Additional Survival Accessories available including: day, night and electronic signaling equipment, emergency water and food supplies, emergency medical supplies, and general survival tools.